Namtse Host No Worries Web Stuff

If you have (or would like to have) a website for your business, yourself, or a project but don’t have sufficient conditions to make it happen or keep it up to date, I might be able to help.

Having done the sysadminionizing (along with things like web design and content production) for the better part of eight years now (in this iteration; a previous gig was from around 1995 to the early aughties, but things have changed so much since then, that I can’t honestly add those eight years), I have learned a lot of patience and compassion. Along with all the technical skills and stuff, of course.

From helping a few friends and family with their websites I’ve learned something else: unless ‘doing web stuff’ is one of your main interests, the extra effort needed to manifest a website and keep it up-to-date (even only technically, which is even more important than making sure your phone always has the latest updates installed) is really something you can do without.

Long story short, here are a few things I can help you with

  1. wordpress management/maintenance
with two optional components

  1. infrastructure (hosting)
  1. wordpress setup
and a number of very optional add-ons

  1. design
  1. development
  1. marketing

In detail:

  1. wordpress management/maintenance includes
    – continuous updates of wordpress, plugins, and themes
    – regular backups
    – security
    – small content updates

  1. infrastructure (hosting) includes
    – cPanel hosting
    – mail
    – SSL (domain-validated) certificate
    – and as extras (that also means extra costs)
    – domain
    – SSL (higher verifications)

  1. wordpress setup includes
    – DIVI premium theme (if you like)
    – basic social media integration
    – basic security (using free tier)
    – basic google analytics / search console
    – basic SEO (incl. sitemap submission to google)
    – basic mailchimp list
    – and as extras (at extra cost)
    – WordFence premium security
  1. design can entail things like logo or web design
  1. development can entail things like getting your own mobile app, customizing your website to support internal or external processes, work-flows, or just adding advanced interactivity for your users
  1. marketing can entail things like an advanced MailChimp mailing list, advanced SEO, or even monetization of your website

This is not a commercial offering that tries to compete on price or convince you of X or Y reasons to choose it over the gazillion other possibilities to get the same kind of stuff out there. That's why there's no signup or checkout here. If you're interested, simply
reach out to me and we can talk.

Meanwhile, here are a few examples of my work so far… screenshot screenshot screenshot

Karma Kagy Library (Vietnamese):
Karma Kagyu Library (VN) screenshot
Manjushri Retreat Center screenshot

EmptyThreads screenshot

Xuxinh Shop: screenshot